Volunteering Booking Process

Breakfast Challenge

Interested in volunteering at The Whitechapel Mission? Our volunteering programme is designed for teams and we cannot accept individual volunteering.

Before Booking

We recommend a discussion within your company and with potential volunteers.

  • Decide the type of volunteering your team are interested in.
  • Check the diary for a date that is suitable for you. (Names in a grey colour have recently been booked, but are awaiting confirmation.)
  • Check that your volunteer team can make the challenge start times. eg. 5:45am for a Breakfast Challenge.
  • You can use our on-line diary to book a date and event.
  • You may choose to ring Sue and discuss your needs - 020 7392 2701
  • If your company is  new to volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission you will be asked to visit the site in advance of your volunteering date.
  • Of course, there may always be very good reasons which may force you to cancel, but we do need a high level of commitment once agreeing to volunteer. Simply failing to show on the day or canceling just days before, is likely to result in us not being able to accept any further requests to volunteer.
Individual Volunteer Information
  • We are unable to accept volunteering requests from individuals.
Volunteer Brokers

We are unable to accept bookings from volunteering brokers

  • It is very difficult to communicate with the actual volunteers when we are going through a broker.
  • We do not charge for volunteering and do not support charging.
  • We wish to develop a relationship with the volunteering company and this is difficult when we do not know anything about the volunteers.
Our values

We are unable to accept bookings from alcohol or gambling companies

  • We work with many people who struggle with gambling or alcohol.
  • We have made the decision that we cannot support alcohol or gambling through our volunteering programme.

Still interested?

Breakfast Challenge

You can book a date within the next 4 months by using our online diary


Your booking will be acknowledged by way of an email.

  • This email does not mean your request is confirmed. It is a receipt of your request.
  • it is only possible to book up to 4 months in advance via the website.
  • It will be followed up by communication from our volunteering co-ordinator to discuss closer to the volunteering date requested.

If your company is new to volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission, we require a representative to visit our site at least 7 weeks in advance of your volunteering date. It does not have to be you personally but does need to be somebody with decision making authority.

  • We need you to be confident of what you are signing your volunteers up to. See the work in action and know that the reality is matching the website description.
  • We need you to be confident in our safety procedures when it comes to your volunteers whilst on-site.
  • We need to be confident that you understand the importance of our safeguarding policy.
  • We need to be confident that your organisation is legitimate, is in line with our values, and serious about volunteering.
  • The visit needs to be booked between the hours of 8am and 10am on a weekday, be at least 8 weeks before your booked event, and will last about 45 minutes.
  • This is deliberately designed to be inconvenient, but will demonstrate your commitment to volunteering.
  • Subject to a positive site visit, you will receive a confirmation email and diary invite for your calendar.
A about a week/10days before
  • You will receive an email requesting the names and e-mail addresses of the individual volunteers.
  • The names are used for name badges.
  • Each volunteer will be emailed with a request to read our volunteering guidelines and any covid rules, including directions to the site.
Photographic Image and Description Release
  • We will normally take photographs of volunteers at work and make these available for download through a secure server on the same day, restricting the viewing to only those people who were photographed and members of their organization.
  • Photographic images will NOT be used by the Whitechapel Mission, and we relinquish all copyright claims.
After the volunteering event
  • The organiser and all volunteers will be emailed a thank you and a link to the photos.
  • Email addresses will then be deleted.
  • No volunteer will receive requests for financial support or sent any marketing materials.
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